Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Baby Emmitt

The boys were just getting over a cold, so they got to wear these cool masks. Now, lets see if you can tell them apart.

Last week we add one more to the Larsen bunch. We named him Emmitt Jed and are so happy he's apart of our family. The twins think he's cool, and Marlee can't get enough of him. She calls him either Baby or Elmo--close enough.

Monday, January 16, 2012


So I haven't blogged for a while, and I probably won't again any time soon, but for this occasion, I couldn't help myself. I'm pretty proud of my creativity in using the Playskool nativity characters for another purpose. My favorite is Zoram, played by the zookeeper from another Playskool set.
Family Home Evening tonight is going to rock!

Any guesses on what the yellow Lego is?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Family Pictures

Its been so long since I've blogged, I almost forgot my password. Maybe I'll get completely caught up, but most likely I'll just leave holes. Its not that we haven't done anything, quite the opposite--we've done EVERYTHING, leaving my blogging on the far back burner and making it more of a mundane task than anything else.

That said, my bro-in-law John took some awesome family photos at the Smith & Edwards junk yard, so I have to share these cute pics before they are outdated.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Its the first year my boys are playing soccer and I think its the cutest thing ever.
They've had some rough games and they can get too emotional, but their last game was a huge success so hopefully it carries through.
I tried to upload a video I took, but with no success. I've posted it on my Facebook page instead.

Monday, April 18, 2011

We went to Disneyland!!

For this year’s Groll family vacation we went big---Disneyland and California Adventure. We went with my 2 sisters and their families, my parents, and my Aunt Roxanne Pollmann and her family. The total was 27 people at the happiest place on earth. The day we flew in we just hung out, the next we went to Disneyland, day 3 to California Adventure, day 4 to Huntington Beach, and our last day we flew home (and still made it to church so Jed could be ordained as a High Priest and set apart as the group leader’s 2nd assistant. ??). It was awesome!! We can’t wait to go back, but Marlee will have to be older so she can have some fun too.
We stayed at the Camelot Inn just across the street from Disneyland. You can see the Matterhorn and Sleeping Beauties castle from the pool. It was also a great place to watch the evening fireworks from the balcony.
Swim buddies.
Here's my dad walking into Disneyland for the first time. (Not in his life, but for this vacation.)
Here's most of the kids, plus a few dads.
Me and Mar getting ready to go on the Pirates of the Caribbean.
Yeah, they really are that cool.
Probably a favorite picture of the trip.
I was hesitant to go on the Tea Cups but was glad I did, especially to see the faces of the boys.
Jed & Justin resting on a watermellon.
Me and my sister Camille, somewhere?
Marlee, getting so excited for the Finding Nemo Submarine.
Kendle was the littlest to come to Disneyland, and she loved every minute of it -- that she was awake for.
On Saturday we had breakfast with the characters. It was kinda pricey (like everything else at Disneyland) but it was awesome to have the one-on-one with the characters; something that was nearly impossible to do at the park.
Here's most of the group.
Jed had the magic touch and was able to get Marlee to sleep multiple times.
Here's my dad. Holding the Check.
These are some Huntington Beach shots.
It was brisk that day, but nice to check out the ocean.
Wes with tatoos on his face, put on by Jed--something I would not have allowed had I known. Especially because this particular brand of temp. tatoos took almost a month to wear off naturally. Wes's face was raw after we scrubbed them off.
What a Beauty!